Vertical Garden Can Be Very Productive

There are many types of plants that bloom and grow best in vertical gardens. This type of vertical garden can be very productive and cheerful and will definitely help brighten up the balcony, terrace or small garden of your home.

They also help to get rid of garden pests, soil diseases and many other challenges that arise when plants and vegetables are placed on a traditional garden bed.

Green walls and living wall art can be done directly on the wall; however, you must ensure that you take the right place in the right lighting conditions and prepare a nutritious soil so that vegetables and garden plants grow and develop properly.

The lack of sufficient information about building a vertical vegetable garden hasn't made many people realize how easy it is to start such a beautiful project. How do you build it? For any garden project in the backyard, it is strongly recommended to start in the spring. This also applies to your vertical vegetable garden, because all vegetables and plants need a night without snow.

Choose a wall area or terrace or balcony to build your vertical garden. However, you need to choose a suitable place that is exposed to sufficient sunlight throughout the day, a place with good air circulation and is safe from dried weeds.

Attach your vertical vegetable garden to the wall with nails, hooks or screws. Leave enough space, including vegetables, to make room for growth. Finally, plant the vegetable varieties of your choice, but it is recommended to plant smaller ones to minimize space and avoid excessive density.

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