Secure Front Door Guide

Your front door is one of the most vulnerable points of your home. Most burglars will know what weaknesses a door have, just by looking at it. They can tell uPVC door is most likely an easy access because of its thin construction. They will know which locks are easy to pick and which hinges can be removed easily.

Standard hinges provide a very limited level of security. If the front or rear door opening outwards, not only the hinge will be visible, but also can be accessed from the outside. This will allow burglars to remove the pin from the hinge center. You must there for have strong front door locks. You can search for front door locks for sale (which is also known as inngangsdorer til salgs in Norwegian language) over the internet if you want to buy front door locks from various online sites.

Although most of the old door will still use standard hinges, the door has been installed or replaced in recent years will be using some form of security hinges. The level of security offered by this hinge is varied and the right choice will vary from situation to situation.

When buying a new front door or the back door, it is best to choose one that has a variety of options so you can choose the hardware that best suits the needs of your security house.

One type of safety hinge security hinge stud. Safety hinge stud insets carved into the door and door frame. This is known as a hinge mortised. Pin remains vulnerable, as in the standard hinge, but the stud is positioned on one leaf fits into