Modern Wedding Ring Designs For Women

While shopping for a wedding or engagement you must think about your style you want in the first place. Many times, when people think of wedding rings for women they usually go for diamond rings.

Undoubtedly diamond is incomparable among stones but it is slightly difficult to manage for many people just because of the price it carries. In such cases, you need to explore another best options.

In modern times, many women prefer something more simple and casual and for those ladies, Bespoke Wedding Rings Edinburgh is the best choice.

Many jewelry stores have a bunch of skilled craftsmen who are awarded many times for their unique handcrafted jewelry. With custom-made facility, customers get a chance to design their own wedding ring that matches with their style.

Types Of Different Wedding Ring Designs:

If you want to have an inexpensive wedding ring, there are various choices available. Here are some of the best designs you can purchase for your wedding:

Vintage And Floral

Vintage rings are the most popular wedding ring styles these days. This popular design includes detailed floral engraving, cover diamond shades and mill grain detailing. A vintage ring is a perfect statement of your love and can create a beautiful, classic impact.


Possibly there is no match of diamond, but with modernity, colored gemstones are becoming a rage among those who prefer something unique and classic. On the other hand, the natural color of gemstones also has their own definitions for conveying a loving message for a special person in their life.


Cluster rings are the symbol of purity and light. These rings have a unique contemporary update in their designs with classic combinations. These rings are popular because of their elegant and eye-catching patterns. It represents an everlasting love story of couples.

You have a huge variety of designs for your wedding rings but if you want to get something special and modern; you must go for above-mentioned styles. Click here to find out the most popular wedding rings of 2018.