Different Looks through Custom Belt Buckles

Belt buckles have now surpassed their basic functions fastener belt around your waist. Today, the custom belt buckle is used as a fashion accessory than a necessity. And the width designs are now available in the market; creating different looks with various types is now possible.

Listed below are the most popular buckle design and appearance that they can make.

Cowboy belt

Cowboy buckles are usually large and engraved with images depicting cowboys, horses and everything else in the west. You can buy paracord buckle through https://www.theparacordstore.com/paracord-buckles.html.

Sometimes, they can even come in gold or silver plate, making them glows. Traditional cowboy buckles usually come in a square or circle shape but these days, they can come in many forms.


Decorated buckles

Buckle decorated comes with a variety of stones or crystals. And the good thing about these custom buckles is that they are not made just for women but for men as well. It also can be great accessories for a variety of dresses and even for evening dresses.

Collector buckle

Collectors buckles are usually made of a hobby. Now there are various kinds of buckle designs that people can collect, such as car emblems, cartoon characters, sports, and many other emblems. Although initially a collector’s item, they still could be one great way to express yourself and your hobby through clothing accessories.

Personalized belt buckle

Personalized belt buckles are usually made specifically for a certain group of people or organization. They are nice and fashionable ways to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. Sometimes, people even come up with a custom personal engraving of names to numbers to differentiate the owner of the buckle.

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