Precautions To Take While Shooting For Maternity Sessions

A lot of photographers live in snowy climate but they don’t let the cold put a hamper on their outdoor sessions. If you have an opportunity to photograph a maternity session in a cold climate, you will need to do just a little preparation to help the mom-to-be. You will want to take as many precautions as necessary as these pretty delicate sessions.

It doesn’t matter if you as professional photographers in Dubai can photograph your maternity clients indoors or outdoors, there are some foolproof posses that can help you to add variety to the session, focus on the bumps and make long lasting memories for your clients.


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In this article, we will discuss some tips on photographing maternity sessions in the snow in great detail.

  • Be prepared

If you don’t want to have an 8-9 month pregnant woman walking around a lot in rugged conditions, so scout your location first. Make it easy to get to. Pull right up to the spot if you can and use as many different angles in this one spot as possible. The photographer should be doing all the moving, not the subject. Also, do all your metering before your client steps out of the vehicle. This will save time and you will be ready once your client is in position.


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  • Help the Client

Whenever your client walks in the snow, help her. Have her steady herself on you if she brought her partner, have them help. Make sure to recommend boots with traction or appropriate foot gear for the mom-to-be in maternity photography Dubai

  • Get Creative

Your time is pretty short before the nose turns pink and finger go numb. So include the family pet or maybe a pair for shoes for the new little one. This will give your different look. All are sentimental. Discuss it with your client prior to the session, so everyone knows what is expected and what to bring.


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It’s snow! It’s fun, have your subject have fun with it. Ty agreed to a winter session, so they are pretty much assured it will be cols. End the session on this note though, you don’t want your subjects playing in the snow and then getting all wet with more photos to capture. Check out here to get an idea of poses you can tell to your client so to have stunning maternity snaps ever.